A Sherlock Holmes fan event in the DC metro area


My first year at Ren Fair was great.

I saw so many people from gridlockdc.

Was reunited with themightyclaire and mypersonalmindpalace! (≧∇≦)

My Hobbit!John was really fun to wear.

A+ trip

Some more photos from our Ren Fest meetup this weekend!

We’re also going to try to arrange a meetup to see the Imitation Game in November. Check back for more details later.


Gridlockdc meetup + crazy hats! Had a wonderful time hanging out with you lovely people!


Ran into themightyclaire, mypersonalmindpalace, and gundamdick at the Maryland renaissance faire! I’ll tell you what, they’re fantastic peoples to run into! ^_^

Ren Fest meetup on Sunday!

We’re meeting up on Sunday, October 5, at the Maryland Renaissance Festival! Come hang out with fellow Sherlockians! Eat turkey legs! Watch jousting!

We’ll be congregating near the fountain just inside the entrance at 10 am. You can pre-purchase your ticket online here.


Moriarty, Mycroft, Sherlock, and John. #gridlockdc

GridLOCK DC Maryland Ren Fest Meetup

We’ve heard from a lot of GridLOCK members that people are interested in some meetups after the con. So let’s go to the MD Ren Fest! We’re looking at the first two weekends in October. Please fill out the linked survey so we know when people are available. More information on the festival is available here.

Twitter user @bethodology made these fantastic graphic notes for us while sitting on several of the GridLOCK DC 2014 panels. Thank you!

On the road to Baker Street! #WatsonsTinBox